Chengetayi, A Zimbabwean Revealed Reasons She Quit Her Career For Dancing

 Chengetayi, A Zimbabwean Revealed Reasons She Quit Her Career For Dancing

For Chengetayi Nosikhumbuzo Mnisi-Samoyo, quitting her job to pursue her passion for dancing is something she had longed for a long time.

She reveals that she is passionate about dancing and would not want to be doing anything else.

According to her, her style of dancing caused people to pass derogatory comments about her but she is still focused on her passion.

Mnisi-Samoyo, better known as Pineapple, is a Zimbabwean and has explained that she is aware dancing is not the conventional career path for an African woman.

Pineapple is however a dance fitness instructor and a choreographer who began her career in dancing with visits to shows simply to look at how artistes dance.

She notes that her dance styles often earned her derogatory titles from people and made it hard for people to either take her seriously or support her.

She further adds that Africans who can afford to quit their careers to pursue a profession in dancing are very likely living a life of luxury, but that is not her story.

BBC Africa News reports that Pineapple went ahead to say it hurts when parents sacrifice so much for their children only to hear a child say they wish to do something else.

To her, dancing is her passion as it drives her and she lives for it. In her opinion, it changes lives and she would not wish to do anything else.

Social media users fell in love with her after video in which she was featured in surfaced online


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