Nasty C Sends Shout-out To Pearl Thusi For “Queen Sono”

 Nasty C Sends Shout-out To Pearl Thusi For “Queen Sono”

Nasty C showed the world just how proud he is of Pearl Thusi for the insane job she did on the upcoming Netflix series, Queen Sono.

When Pearl announced that she got the lead role in the series, Mzansi rejoiced.

Everyone is extremely proud of pearl for taking this role and owning it. Nasty C felt the pride deep and just had to let it out.

This series is going to put South Africa on the map in a way that not many can even understand right now. Being a part of this incredible opportunity is something else for Pearl.

The six episodes series stars Mzansi media personality, Pearl Thusi, as a highly trained top spy in a South African agency whose sole purpose is to better the lives of African citizens. While taking on her most dangerous mission, Pearl’s character also has to face changing relationships in her personal life.

Taking to social media, Nasty C praised Pearl for her achievement. His post was really sweet!

Queen Sono is set to premiere on Netflix on 28 February, 2020.

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