NRG Presenter, Tanasha Donnah Confirms She Has Given Birth To Son!

 NRG Presenter, Tanasha Donnah Confirms She Has Given Birth To Son!
Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platinumz

NRG presenter Tanasha Donna has finally confirmed that it’s true she has delivered a baby boy. Rumours have been circulating claiming that Diamond’s lover got a baby boy last week, a thing that she denied several times. Tanasha however has been forced to confirm saying that it’s true she gave birth last week and it was a boy as expected.

As I focus on my son and family, I am simultaneously strategising on the Donatellaep release,” she wrote.       

This comes after her manager and father-in-law took to social media to celebrate the birth of the kid.

Several other people have also insisted that Tanasha has delivered the baby but no official statement has come from Diamond nor his mother.

Tanasha through her Instagram stories on Saturday, revealed that she is now focusing on her son and family as much as she is doing music.

 Tanasha was talking about her upcoming extended play (EP) dubbed Donnatella EP when she talked about her son. 

For starters, an EP is a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single, but is usually unqualified as an album.

This is the very first time Diamond Platnumz fourth baby mama is talking about her first born. It was alleged she had given birth in last week but the couple decided to keep the news under the carpet. 


However, Diamond’s father, Mzee Abdul Juma, spilled the beans when he revealed to the media that the NRG presenter had given birth.

Am not sure he is a baby boy but what I know it is true she gave birth, it is like two days ago. (Sidhani kama mtoto ni wa kiume lakini mpaka saa hizi ni ukweli kashajifungua ni kama siku ya pili hivi),” Mzee Juma had said. 

Tanasha has officially become Diamond’s fourth baby mama adding to a long list of women who gave birth to the chap’s child without a wedding ring. Apart from the known and confirmed four baby mamas,a few other ladies have come forward to claim Diamond impregnated and dumped them as soon as he learned they were with child.



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