“Put Plus Size, Big Booty, Big Hippy Women Together That’s Not My Table,” Wrote Huddah Monroe

 “Put Plus Size, Big Booty, Big Hippy Women Together That’s Not My Table,” Wrote Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe is a very proud petite socialite who does not tolerate anybody to dares compare her to anyone who is not of her size and shape.

The 27 year old took to social media to rant about being compared to plus size women. Huddah stressed that under no circumstance should she be compared to people who are not of her size.

“The way people compare the small, tiny, petite me to plus size women is just sad. Get a life. You can’t compare a lioness to an elephant! They are all animals but different size and body! No disrespect whatsoever. Let’s respect each other’s body, shape, color and size/stop comparing people who are incomparable! Compare me to petite women we match. And put plus size, big booty, big hippy women together that’s not my table,”wrote Huddah Monroe.

Huddah further shared visual illustrations to hammer home her point;

Huddah explained that comparisons make people not to be contented with who they are, stressing that it’s the differences that make people unique.

“Comparison is the mother of all f@ck ups. Once you stop comparing or letting people compare you to others. You’ll be happy and content with who you are. Don’t let people put you in a box you don’t fit in then ask yourself why you are not happy. Love yourself and be proud of who you are! Short, skinny, fat, light skin, dark skin, disabled, poor, rich. We are all humans and differ from each other. That’s what makes us all unique.”

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