Rapper Timmy Tdat And Lover Rosa Ree’s Erotic Photos

 Rapper Timmy Tdat And Lover Rosa Ree’s Erotic Photos

Rappers Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree are doing are currently the trending celebrities for sharing their randy photos online.

The pair is widely thought to be dating,but just like any other celebrity, Timmy and Rosa Ree deny they are dating despite all the PDA.

Timmy previously dated fellow rapper Kush Tracey before their relationship dramatically ended in June 2016. He got physical with her following a misunderstanding at Club 1824 along Lang’ata road.

After the breakup with Kush Tracey, Timmy hooked up with singer Dela Maranga even though they denied dating. Their ‘relationship’ ended last year and months later Timmy was seen with Bongo rapper Rosa Ree.

Rosa Ree and Timmy have always insisted that their relationship is based purely on friendship and work. The two collaborated to release a sexually explicit and down right nasty song dubbed ‘Kipopo’.

Even though they maintain that it is just business, Timmy and Rosa Ree have continued to engage themselves in erotic antics that have left arbiters of moral correctness shocked beyond their imagination.

Rosa Reee and Timmy are super ratchet, from  kissing and caressing each other amorously to simulating sex… they do it all.

See the photos below:

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