Tanasha Donna And Diamond Platnumz Glamorous Baby Shower

 Tanasha Donna And Diamond Platnumz Glamorous Baby Shower

After Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha made their pregnancy news public, social media has since been flooded with photos of Tanasha’s baby bump and now their baby shower seems to have taken over.

On 22nd August Tanasha and her Bongo boyfriend threw a lavish all-white themed party that was attended by her mom, grandmother and close friends who were invited. 

Decorations included gorgeous baby clothes, teddy bears, and among other baby stuff to celebrate the upcoming birth of Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz baby boy – who will soon be arriving.

Having two baby mamas already, never had we ever seen Diamond Platnumz throw such a baby shower for either Zari Hassan or Hamisa Mobetto. 

However, with his 3rd born son almost here…Diamond Platnumz went all out to give him the best baby shower witnessed in East Africa.

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