Teenage Contortionist Wendy Waeni’s Former Manager Defends Exploitation Allegations

 Teenage Contortionist Wendy Waeni’s Former Manager Defends Exploitation Allegations
Teenage contortionist, Wendy Waeni

Teenage contortionist Wendy Waeni’s former manager Joe Mwangi has publicly defended himself over exploitation allegations made against him.

Mr Mwangi further clarified that the only trip he accompanied Wendy to Rwanda following an invite from President Paul Kagame.

Wendy Waeni with President Paul Kagame of Rwanda

Mwangi also claims that when Wendy performed in Germany and China he was not with her.

He even displayed his passport to Chipukeezy to prove that he has not been to other countries where Wendy performed.

“Ndiyo hii passport yangu unaweza confirm everything, juu nimeambiwa nimetravel all over the world na mtoi. I have only travelled with her to Rwanda. Let me be very clear Kagame gave Mama Wendy five hundred thousand shillings, then as a manager Mama Wendy gave me Sh100,000,” Mwangi said.

“As an artiste you can only get paid when you perform, and the last time Wendy performed is over two years ago. This is because last year Wendy was in class eight so I talked to Mama Wendy and agreed to give this girl a chance to concentrate on her studies. Then now she is in high school and 90 percent of the time she is in school, so where is this money supposed to come from?” he posed.

Wendy Waeni and former manager Joe Mwangi

Mwangi further blamed Wendy’s mother for their current financial predicament.

He also dismissed claims that ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna cancelled a cheque meant for Wendy because he (Mwangi) wanted it to be written in his name.

“You know politicians are very funny, kuna screenshot nimesubmit between my conversation with Sifuna, and I told him this cheque doesn’t have to bear my name, because ni vitu walikuwa wanataka kumnunulia. I told them to buy and Wendy will come and pick these things,” he said.

Mwangi says he only wants the truth to come out.

“This issue has nothing to do with money. You know hawa watu wameniaccusse on so many things. I have tried to reach out to them and they have no goodwill of settling this issue,” he said.

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