“Burna Boy Has To Apologize To South Africans” – AKA

 “Burna Boy Has To Apologize To South Africans” – AKA

The recent Xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa saw a lot of celebrities like bash themselves on social media.

The most appalling clash is that of Burna Boy and AKA.  It all started when Burna Boy took to social media to express his anger at AKA’s remarks regarding the attack and in one of his Tweets he threatened to deal with AKA whenever they meet.

However, organizers of the 2019 Africans Unite concert billed to take place in Cape Town on the 23rd of November and Tshwane’s Sun Arena on November 24th has announced Burna Boy as one of the artistes to perform at the event.

AKA upon seeing the announcement revealed he would love to attend the show just to see how Burna Boy would react. “I would love to attend this show and watch this man put his hands on me in my own country,”

A fan reached out to him advising him to use that as an avenue to make up with the “Ye” singer. What! I think this would be a good time to bury the hatchet, King. AKA responded saying he ready to makeup but Burna has to apologize to South Africans so he can be forgiven.

I wouldn’t mind at all ..he must apologize so we can forgive him.

Despite Burna Boy’s tweet two months ago where he stated he would never set foot in South Africa.

Would he step in foot his South Africa?

Do you feel it would a battleground instead of an entertainment show?

Now, AKA is taunting him on social media and even went on to say, “he must just apologize so we can forgive him.”

Do you feel Burna boy would apologize to AKA and South Africa?

Should he apologize to South Africa?



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