Cassper Nyovest Defends Nadia Nakai Against ‘Revealing Thong Outfit Backlash

 Cassper Nyovest Defends Nadia Nakai Against ‘Revealing Thong Outfit Backlash

Cassper Nyovest has come out guns blazing to defend his close friend and fellow rapper, Nadia Nakai

Nadia made headlines recently for wearing a revealing thong outfit for her performance at the Castle Light Unlocks concert.

“I feel like Nadia Nakai has reached a level in her career where she doesn’t need to be wearing these types of costumes,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another added: “This is not on… we aint impressed.”

While the feedback was mostly negative, many came out to defend Nadia.

One Twitter user pointed out that Nadia dressed like many international female stars, who are often praised for their looks.

“Beyoncé vs Nadia Nakai. There’s no difference both ladies are doing the same thing to sell records, except Beyoncé never really receives backlash for these kinds of things.”

Cassper also came to Nadia’s defence

“People are f**king hectic. Why do they want to dictate how women should dress? It’s their bodies. Let them do whatever they want to do with it!” he wrote.

The Move For Me hitmaker added in a separate tweet: “Why is it that Ya’ll always on Nadia’s Case about how she dresses? Who are you to tell a woman how to dress? It’s her body!!!! Let the poor girl enjoy her body!!!! This has to stop.”

Nadia, meanwhile, is not bothered by what people have to stay about how she dresses

In fact, we expect her to show even more skin with the release of her new album, Nadia Naked , around the corner.

While she will no doubt bare her soul through her music, she has no problem baring other things as well!

“I just want to be as authentic as possible and show people exactly who I am. I have become more confident in what I like, and not what people think will work for the market. I feel like I have grown with my fans and what I enjoy, they will enjoy,” she told TshisaLive about her new album.

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