Falz The Bahd Guy Revealed His Disbelief In Religion

 Falz The Bahd Guy Revealed His Disbelief In Religion

The original Bahd Guy himself, Falz has come out to reveal an aspect of his life that we weren’t privy to before. 

In a recent interview, the rapper revealed that he had not been to church in a while, when pressed for a reason why, he said that even though he wasn’t atheist, there was no room for religion in his life. He said that he believes in Spirituality over religion. 

“I’m not an atheist. I believe there is a God. But I believe in spirituality over religion.” the rapper said. 

Read other things he had to say as regards the issue

“I have nothing against the church or going to church. Everyone has the right to practice the religion they desire. It has been a while that I have been to church. It does not make me less of a Christian,” 

“The reason is that I went to a few churches and, during sermons, I was put under undue pressure. There was a time that a pastor called me to the altar just to acknowledge my presence for being in church.

“In my mind, I felt that the service was not about me. I felt that everybody was there to worship God, yet they were putting undue pressure on me. The pastor gave me the microphone to address the congregation and I was puzzled; what did he expect me to say to the congregation?”

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