I Married The Wrong Person – Monalisa Chinda Coker Speaks About Ex-hubby

 I Married The Wrong Person – Monalisa Chinda Coker Speaks About Ex-hubby

Popular Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda Coker has disclosed in an interview that she met the wrong person at the right time, referring to her ex-husband.

Monalisa Chinda is a household name in Nollywood – the popular actress has opened up about her first marriage

The Nollywood actress parted ways with her ex-husband Dejo Richards some years ago

Monalisa says she was naive and young when she married Dejo, and that she does not regret that part of her life

According to her, she moved on, worked on herself and love found her again

Speaking about her first marriage with Dejo Richards, Monalisa said she did not regret that part of her life, adding that she was naive and young, Gistreel reports.

The Nollywood actress, who said that what she experienced in her first marriage only made her wiser, also spoke on why she has not been regular on the TV screens.

She said she is getting older and needs to allow the younger generation to take over from her.

Monalisa said: “I’m not there on the screens as I used to be. I am getting older and need to give room for the younger generation to take over.”

She said there are certain roles she can no longer play because she is getting older – like roles made for the younger generation – like a young university student.

The actress said she is more about producing her own movies and show.

She said: “That’s another reason I slowed down a bit. But this year 2020, you would see me gracing more of your TV screens.”

Monalisa one Nollywood diva who has continued to wow many people with her impeccable delivery on screen. The actress, who started her acting career in 1996, has successfully built a brand name for herself.

To mark her birthday with her fans, Monalisa took to her Instagram account to share a stunning photo of herself and captioned it: “Hey! It’s my birthday and I’m gonna have fun and glorify His name”.

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