Popular Game Of Thrones Actor Is Also A Love Singer With Debut EP

 Popular Game Of Thrones Actor Is Also A Love Singer With Debut EP

You know him as Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones but his real name is Iwan Rheon and apparently, he’s not just an actor, he’s also a singer.

Iwan Rheon has been doing music for a while now but he achieved fame from playing the despicable character of Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones. 

However, in real life, Iwan is not anything like Ramsay Bolton. 

His four track debut EP which he released back in 2013 is now gaining buzz on YouTube and other music streaming platforms. The songs reveal Iwan to be a soft-natured lover boy who sings about love in an idealistic way. 

He became a part of the Game Of Thrones Cast in 2012 when they started shooting the third season of the epic drama series. His EP called Bang! Bang! was released in April 2013 after the third season debuted in March of the same year. 

Listen to one of the songs from his EP below and tell us what you think about it. 

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