Rayvanny Secretly Attack Harmonize Amid Exit Rumours

 Rayvanny Secretly Attack Harmonize Amid Exit Rumours

Tanzanian artist Rayvanny recently praised his boss during a performance in Moshi. The crowd was in awe after Vannyboy went on stage and cut off the performance to pass his sentiments to wasafi boss Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond was on stage performing during the ongoing Wasafi Festival 2019 when the ‘Tetema’ hit maker unexpectedly started narrating how Diamond changed his life.

“You should know I was nobody, I knew nothing, but after I met Diamond, he changed my life, am now a star. I am the naughtiest at Wasafi but I respect my brother Diamond Platnumz. (unajua nini, mimi nilikua sijulikani, nilikua sijui kitu chochote, lakini Diamond Platnumz Simba kafanya mimi leo nimekua Vannyboy, halafu mimi ujue nina kiherehere sana pale Wasafi, lakini huyu ndugu yangu mimi namheshimu sana),”

With the current turmoil in WCB netizens speculate that it vanny’s sentiments might have been a hint at harmonize who is surrounded by rumours of exiting the record label. He further revealed that he had recorded at least six songs with ‘simba’ aka Diamond and they were all hits and that there is so much more to come.

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