Sheila Kwamboka(Kwambox) Leaves Homeboyz Radio After 7 Years

 Sheila Kwamboka(Kwambox) Leaves Homeboyz Radio After 7 Years
Sheila Kwamboka quits Homeboyz Radio after 7 years

After spending 7 years at Homeboyz Radio (HBR) Sheila Kwamboka has exited the stable.

She made this announcement in a post that read, “After 7 years co-hosting afternoon drive show on HomeboyzRadio, today is my last show on the station. I will miss all my listeners, colleagues, my co-hosts who made it all worth it, I am fully grateful”

As expected, her departure has been met with sadness by fans of the show. Sheila’s exit is one of the few changes that we have seen at the Radio Africa owned station in recent times. Just recently, Shaffie joined HBR as the programmes controller. Welcoming him to the station HBR’s General Manager Somoina Kimojino stated, “He will be able to work with the team to improve our programming, work on creative ideas with the creative team to bring out the culture of HIP HOP and EPL in everything we do. We give him a warm welcome and look forward to improved station sound and programming to make HBR the no 1. Hip Hop Radio Station in Kenya.

Radio presenter “Kwambox” is a bubbly lady who leaves people in awe with her hypnotising dance moves and jolly character. The HBR host has a tradition of always dancing her way to the studio and in the process she breaks hearts, mends them and finally traps them. As usual, Kwambox logs into her Instagram and uploads one of her iconic videos featuring her impeccable dancing skills, then sits back and let her fans breathe in the greatness and soak in the perfect twists and turns.

What she however did not know was that with every move she made, a woman glued to her screen in secret lost her self each second. Shortly after, Kwambox became a hit on Facebook gossip groups such as Kilimani Mums that is made up of ladies only.

In case you have not put two and two together, women were going crazy over the dancing queen. And this scared a couple of men who feared that their loyal girlfriends might just shift gears and decide to go after the lady who danced her way into their hearts.

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