Shocking Deaths In Game Of Thrones Season 8

 Shocking Deaths In Game Of Thrones Season 8

As expected, the penultimate episode of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” delivered surprises, carnage and a few big-name deaths.

In a battle that was eight years in the making, Cersei faced off against Daenerys at the capital of Westeros, King’s Landing.

The stars of the popular fantasy drama promised big swings in the final season, and now we see it

To help fans remember and say goodbye to some of their favorites, below is a rundown those who died in Episode 5


After learning of Jon Snow’s real family line, Varys took it upon himself to inform the world about it despite knowing how Daenerys would react. Tyrion Lannister witnessed him fail to convince Jon to take the throne and alerted the mother of dragons that there was a traitor in their midst. Varys was sentenced to death by a fire blast from Drogon after once more asserting that he acted in service of the realm. Both Tyrion and Jon watched as the execution took place.

Euron Greyjoy

After racking up a body count that included the Sand Snakes, Rhaegal and countless Ironborn, the enigmatic Euron Greyjoy met his end after challenging Jaime Lannister to a one-on-one fight. Although he managed to stab his killer twice, Jaime was not about to let him stand in the way of rescuing his sister. The one-handed knight scrambled to his sword and ran Euron through on a rock where he left him to die. The King of the Iron Islands’ final words were to congratulate himself on being the man that killed Jaime Lannister.


As the Red Keep burned from Daenerys’ attack, Cersei Lannister’s trusted advisor finally convinced her to surrender and attempted to spirit her out of the city. However, he foolishly tried to pull rank on his very own Frankenstein monster, The Mountain. The result was his head being unceremoniously crushed against a wall.

Gregor “The Mountain” and Sandor “The Hound” Clegane

Fans far and wide were hoping for a fight between these two brothers that was affectionately called the “Cleganebowl.”

 As the city burned, Sandor said goodbye to Arya with a warning about not being consumed by revenge like him. He squared off with his zombified older brother on some crumbling steps for a final showdown. 

Although Sandor bested his Gregor by stabbing him through the chest, whatever Qyburn did to Gregor made him impossible to kill. After taking a severe beating, The Hound tackled The Mountain through a stone wall and they both fell to an apparent fiery doom.

Cersei and Jaime Lannister

For the entirety of the show’s run, Cersei Lannister played the game like no other. In her final stand against incredible odds, she ended up agreeing to surrender the city for the first time in history. However, consumed with rage and bloodlust, Daenerys burned the city and all its people anyway. 

As Cersei panicked with the walls literally crumbling around her, a wounded Jaime finally made it into the Red Keep by way of a secret passage. Unfortunately, as he spirited her away, they saw that their escape path had caved in. Realizing that this was the end of their long and puzzling road, they embraced each other and repeated that no one else in the world matters but them as the ceiling fell on them.

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