Tanzanian Bongo Flava Artist, Diamond Platnumz Preaches Safe Sex To College Youth

 Tanzanian Bongo Flava Artist, Diamond Platnumz Preaches Safe Sex To College Youth

Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist, Diamond Platnumz shares how his luck saved him from an ultimate disaster.

Speaking at Musoma Utalii College in Tabora where he and his WCB team had gone to sensitize the youth on HIV and importance of safe sex, the singer revealed he could have contracted the disease if it were not for the grace of God.

“Mimi niliparamia mambo Mungu akaninusuru sana, niliparamia kweli kweli. Lakini nikapenya kwenye tundu la sindano na sitaki kurudi kule nilitoka kabisa.  Nawaelimisha nyinyi na najielimisha na nafsi yangu. Kama nimeamua kutulia na Tanasha na basi ikawa hivyo,” he said.

During an awareness campaign a few days ago between Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) crew and Tume ya Kudhibiti Ukimwi Tanzania (TACAIDS) ahead of Wasafi Festival, Diamond pleaded with his fans to adopt the use of condoms as the first guard against HIV/AIDS.

“This is the right time for me to retrospect and give advice to my peers and those who love my music. If we were to practice safe sex, we would make strides in reducing infections and the spread of the disease. I don’t believe that the absence of female condoms would increase the spread since coitus involves two. Men should sheath up,” he narrated.

Diamond urged women to distance themselves from men who insist on not using protection during their sexual encounter so as to protect themselves from unwanted diseases and pregnancies.

“Women, ask yourself, why is he forcing or pressurising you into unprotected sex? If you have not agreed to have a baby, say no, be cognisant that he has ill motives against you or wants to force you into motherhood,” said the WCB boss.

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