​8 Sure Ways To Keep Your Partner Alive With You

 ​8 Sure Ways To Keep Your Partner Alive With You

Why doesn’t he call me as much as he used to? 

Why won’t she reply to my message on time?

 Are they tired of me because I have devalued myself by loving them?

Too many questions and none of the answers you think of will give you peace of mind in your relationship.

But we can tell you, that your partner really might be getting tired of you. And it is not necessarily for all the many reasons, you concluded in your head. 

It could simply be because you are not as interesting as you used to be when they met you. And those qualities that attracted them to you are gone.

It’s okay, don’t panic. 

You can keep your partner interested by doing these 8 things.

1. Be Present

Life can get busy and it is easy to get distracted by work and electronic devices. But you need to endeavor to make time out for the one you love. 

Listen to them and just be present. 

Your presence shows that you care more than a text.

2. Listen

There’s no need for you to give your opinion, advise or critic their choices.

They just want someone they can empty their hearts. Lend them your ears.

3. Pay Attention To Your Look

If you are a kind of person who let themselves go because no one else is looking at you, better go and bring yourself back.

Just because you are dating now, doesn’t mean you have to be lax with your looks. 

Look sharp and attractive, so that if your partner thinks about leaving you, they will remember that they already have someone better.

4. Be Simple With Words

Nobody likes a rambler that can never make their point on time.

When speaking to them, go straight to the point and be assertive when airing your grievances.

Say what’s on your mind, so that they know how to follow up.

5. Take Them Out On Dates

Once in a while take them out to dates as if you are just meeting them for the first time.

Dates and night outs don’t have to stop because you are now dating.

6. Talk About Each Other’s Dreams

Don’t get so caught up in your own world and chasing your dreams. That your partner has dreams too. 

Find out what they are. If the dream is something they are scared of, talking to them about it and reassuring them, makes it less scary.

7. Do The Simple Things For Them

You don’t need to go to fancy restaurants or buy expensive jewelry. 

But doing simple things like cooking dinner, doing the chores, a back rub, or massage can make their heart flutter.

Some times, the things that don’t cost money, does the most.

8. Makeup

Learn to kiss and make up after a misunderstanding or a fight.

Yes, they are annoying and you don’t even know why you put up with them. But you love each other, beyond the annoyance.

How else can you keep your partner interested in you? Tell us in the comment sections.

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