10 Bad Habits That Are Unhealthy For Your Health

 10 Bad Habits That Are Unhealthy For Your Health

There are certain seemingly harmless things we do, that are actually unhealthy for us. 

But, because we see these things as irrelevant or not dangerous enough to be a health issue, we overlook it.

Before you continue doing those things, you shouldn’t forget that your body needs special care and attention. And for you to be able to keep it healthy, you must identify and cut out those unhealthy habits.

Avoid these 10 unhealthy habits for a healthier life.

1. Bad Posture

We were taught the importance of good posture as kids, but we seem to have forgotten.

Slouching, sitting rigidly, standing with our whole body weight on one leg, are all forms of bad posture.

Bad posture can damage the spinal curvature, causing spine deformities, an altered spine structure affects body stability and balances and increases the risk of muscular imbalance.

2. Poor Positioning When Using Computer

If you work with computers, then you might be at risk of pain and numbness of hands and fingers.  And you are at the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. 

This is a syndrome that manifests through the numbness, tingling, and pain on the hand and a sensation of discomfort and shock that travels to the shoulder.

Poor positioning affects delicate hand motions such as, writing, buttoning of a shirt and holding a phone.

3. Junk Foods

We know that junk foods are devils to our body, but we still can’t resist the urge to eat them. Who can blame us?

They are affordable, ready-made and are an easy and quick choice to satisfy our hunger.

But the downside to it is that it leads to chronic overeating and adding extra unhealthy weight and it causes diabetes, heart diseases or other serious conditions.

4. Stress

Stress releases a hormone that increases your blood pressure and blood sugar, lower immunity, slow digestion and makes you overweight.

Chronic stress can negatively impact health aspects such as a change in sex drive and cause irritability and anger.

You need to relax. 

5. Alcohol

Alcohol might give you relief for the meantime, but its damages to your health are irreversible.

But long term use of alcohol leads to health problems such as Cirrhosis of the liver, automobile injury, heart diseases, depression, gout cancer, and nerve damages.

6. Smoking

If you are a smoker, then you should know that 30 percent of heart diseases deaths, 30 percent of cancer deaths, including 90 percent of lung cancer is caused by smoking.

Smoking also causes mouth, throat and bladder cancer.

But, the good thing is once you quit smoking the health benefits that follow it is immediate because your Lung and the cardiovascular system begin to repair.

7. Pain Killers And Sedatives

When painkillers and sedatives are not taken properly, long-term habitual use can cause more problems than it solves. 

Using drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin for arthritis or muscle pain can over time increase the risk for ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. 

Calming drugs and sleeping pills can leave you feeling confused and prone to stumbling and falling if you take them in higher-than-prescribed doses. 

Since such medication makes you feel good, you may want to keep on taking them, turning them into a habit or addiction before you know it.

8. Skipping Breakfast

Sure, it saves time, skipping breakfast is never a smart move.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it gives you the boost to take on your day. 

The side effects of not eating breakfast negatively impact weight, hormonal health, memory, cognition, and mood. When you skip meals, your metabolism begins to slow which can lead to weight gain and sluggishness.

9. Poor Quality Of Sleep

You might meet your deadline if you can just shave off some hours of sleep.

But, constantly skipping rest hours leads to fatigue and lack of focus, short temper and a higher risk of depression. 

Poor sleep quality can interfere with the immune function, disrupting the body’s ability to fight pathogens, can lead to high blood pressure and cause excessive production of cortisol, which increases stress and favors weight gain.

10. Not Drinking Enough Water

We know you have heard this before, but we are going to tell you again. Please drink enough water.

If we constantly keep our bodies in a state of dehydration by not drinking enough water it can have a major impact on our overall health. 

Not only it causes fatigue, dry skin, irritation, affects our ability to focus and our productivity, but the lack of water can also alter the functioning of kidneys and lead to an impaired immune function due to the accumulation of toxins.

What other habits do you know that is bad for you? Tell us in the comment section.

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