10 Sexual Turn Offs You Are Probably Doing

 10 Sexual Turn Offs You Are Probably Doing

Sex is cool, hot, fun and if done with the right person, the right circumstances and it can be mind-blowing and satisfying for both parties if you put it on some effort.

On the other hand, it can also be disastrous and a failure, when you don’t get satisfied because of something you or your partner did when you were doing it.

Those things can be a turnoff and a boner killer, which could have reversed your or their climax. And might have even led to them swearing never to sleep with you again.

To save your next hook-up and prevent a repeat of awful sex, we have compiled a list of 8 sexual turnoffs you should avoid the next time you are getting down with your partner. 

Terrible Personal Hygiene

Several guys have complained about how they wanted to give a lady “head”, but couldn’t because her P***y was smelling like rotten fish.

Ladies have also grumbled about guys sticking their stinky balls in their face and asking them to suck it. Boxers that are so dirty they can be used as a genocide weapon.

Please, before you ask your partner to “go down on you” or give you oral sex, make sure that you are clean and fresh down there. Don’t kill someone’s child with bacteria. Don’t suffocate somebody’s child all in the name of sex.

Make sure you smell nice and your breath is fresh and minty before you start hugging or kissing them.

When Oral Sex Doesn’t Go Both Ways

Oral sex is “quid pro quo”. Simply put if you demand they suck yours, then you should also be prepared to return the favor. It’s common courtesy.

If you don’t eat a **, then they don’t suck d***k. 

Giving head should go both ways unless they say otherwise.

Coming Too Early Or Finishing Before They Climax

Sometimes before your girl has even had time to climax or orgasm, you have already ejaculated. 

And when you do, you become tired; now leaving your girl “high and dry”. Girls like it when they have actual orgasms, not just fake ones.

Guys, ensure that the lady orgasms before you drop beside her and start asking if she “came”.  If she didn’t cum, then she came to the wrong house.

When She Is Not Responsive

Ladies, you’re not a log of wood. 

When a guy is giving you “head” or screwing you in different positions, the least you can do is to respond.

Match his energy, turn him over, get on top of him, drive him crazy with your moves. 

Don’t just lie in missionary position and let him do all the job.

Refuse To Try Out Your Sexual Interest

Being a great lover is about pleasuring your lover and yourself. At that point, you are a Genie who is there to grant their every sexual wish.

If she likes it from the back, turn her around, smack her butt and ride her like a horse. Bite her nipples, choke her, pull her hair and do whatever that lady wants.

If he likes it when you get on top, get to climbing. Tie his hands to the bedpost with his belt, blindfold him and give him reverse cowgirl.

Give your partner what they want. Screw their brains out! (not literally)

No Condoms

Some people prefer “skin to skin”. Others would appreciate it if their lover wore a condom or demand they use one.

Unless you’re trying to have a baby, always use a condom when having sex. If he refuses to use one after you asked, pack your bags and 


If she demands you don’t wear one, ask yourself if you are ready to be a father or if you’d like an STD.

Bad At Dirty Talk Or Sound

If you can’t talk nasty to your lover, then don’t! It’s better you moan and groan along to what’s happening before you say something weird, strange or dumb. 

To be safe on a safe side, just call out your lover’s name; their actual names. Also, no animal sounds, don’t bleat like a goat or bark like a 


Body Shaming

You knew what they looked like before picking them up. Complaining about or insulting your partner’s body during sex, can kill their self-esteem and turn them off.

If you like girls/guys of a certain body type, then only sleep with those ones. 

Also, don’t blow your Penis, Boobs or Vagina out of proportion. If it is not big, don’t catfish your partner into thinking it is.

Which other things turn you off during sex? Tell us in the comment section.

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