12 Top Skills To Acquire Before Leaving Campus

 12 Top Skills To Acquire Before Leaving Campus

Skill acquisition is the best thing that can happen to an undergraduate before graduation in this current dispensation. The skill acquired could vary according to your interest but it can go a long way to sustaining you and your family after school.

Instead of thinking of who will employ you after school or how long it might take to land any job, I think you should consider acquiring a skill. A skill is one of the best financial insurance you can give yourself. Skill is one of the things that make it possible for someone to be “self-employed. It is unfortunate that the Nigeria education system does not allocate room for talent identification and skill acquisition, one has to make good use of a skill to survive. Below are high skills that are in demand and can make you a living.

Fashion Design, Tailoring, and Knitting

The fashion industry does not know the meaning of recession. This industry grows yearly and as well the profit margins. If you are creative and the trendy type, you will make it in this industry. Also, in Africa, we are good at organizing/attending occasions in uniform and there is no week in Nigeria that people are not celebrating or mourning. When you are good at designing or sewing, you will be overwhelmed with job orders. 

A friend once said that if you can survive the disappointment of a Nigerian tailor, you can survive any disappointment. What this implies is that they hardly keep up with the delivery date; this could be out of too much job order or just another lazy tailor (many of them are). So if you are good, creative and keep up with the latest design in vogue as well as keep to time, then this industry is definitely a go for you.


This is another industry that is profitable and does not require a degree to startup. All you need is acquire the skills, be good with color and know how to pamper your customers and I bet you will never lack money if you are good at it. Many students, male and female alike are already in this niche. On a weekly basis, most females, professionals, and students wear new nails. They pamper their faces to look good especially during ceremonies. It is worthy to note that males in this industry make it faster than there female counterparts if they know the skill very well, want to know the reason? Male touch up is definitely irresistible to most female clients who love to be pampered at all times.

Hair Dressing/Barbing

Looking good is a good business that every individual loves. Men always cut their hair to look smart and tidy, while the women folks dress their hair to look gorgeous. Many individuals cut/dress their hair on a weekly basis. If you can learn how to cut or dress men or ladies hair respectively, you can earn a steady income for yourself. This remains one of the most profitable and lucrative business that also does not require huge capital depending on how you want to start and location. I have an idea for people that wish to venture into this business. Because of the viability of the business, almost every street corner has a hairdressing salon or barbing shop. Once you acquire this skill, try to engage your customers in conversation while cutting their hair, this has been proven to bring repeat customers. Also location matters, you should look for a corner without a barber’s shop to set up yours or looking for developing areas to start.


Remember the best moments. People love keeping memories and the best way to do this is through picture documenting. Go to ceremonies, eateries, school, and even funerals, etc photographers abound, both invited and uninvited. To get ahead in the photography business, you need to understand the art of digital photography, be creative, canvass your clients work and give them great designs that will keep them coming back to you or referring you to their family and friends. Some photo studios will also engage you to just take pictures and get paid. Also, be up to date with new technologies to spice up your work and keep you ahead of your game. Contact BlueMoon Photography on how to learn the skill of Photography.


If you learn how to bake cake, make chin-chin, meat-pie, fish-rolls, etc, you could be earning small but steady income to sustain you during and after school. But if you are very good at those, why not, you could work for big eateries and hotels that are willing to pay for your services. This business is stressful but if you are good at it, you could generate a moderate income that can sustain you. You could bake for your friends during their parties, and if your work is good, they could recommend you to their family and friends during their wedding and big ceremonies. You can also be baking chin-chin and pies to supply supermarkets, stores, and school canteens on a daily basis. 

Cobbler/ Bag Maker

Making foot wares and bags can be very profitable. Africans love wearing matching outfits, some fashionista’s could design/create foot wares to match with your outfit using your clothing material. You could learn this skill while in school and be making shoes and bags for your fellow students and friends. If you are creative and have interest in designing shoes and bag, you should consider acquiring this skill.


Yes, you can drive for cash. The taxi industry is booming according to statistics by UBER. You can raise money and get a car that you could use for part time taxi business. You could also register with taxi companies or have a relation/friend get you a car as a loan and I bet you, before 6 months. 

Skill is acquiring ability through training. You must not be passionate about something before you can make it in such area. All you need is put interest and you will forever be grateful you did. With acquired skills, you will not be looking for whom to employ you but people will be looking for you to help them solve their problems.

Podcasting and Alternative Media

This is the main competitor to mainstream media (including television, radio, and newspapers). It is a skill that has to do with developing quality content that attracts listeners and viewers.

Podcasters can earn very well, depending on the number of their listeners. It takes dedication, hard work and lots of patience to earn big money.

Maintenance and Repairs (Computer, Cars, Machines, Home, Phones)

We need people who know how to fix things. Not only does it benefits others but it will help us as well

Fixing things is a skill that will ultimately pay very well. However, this kind of skill varies. One can learn computer repairs, car repairs, machine repairs, and home appliances repairs. Income may vary depending on what you repair and how many items you can repair per day.

Carpentry and Decoration

Carpentry is one of those skills that allow you to have your own business. It is much bigger than what you think. Traditional carpentry isn’t enough these days. Complementary skills may include conceptual design, computer design, and a keen sense of space.

Farming and Gardening

Growing your own fruits and vegetables saves you a lot of money and time from doing grocery shopping. However, there is still a lot of work to be done

An essential survival skill that would save the skill owner lots of money and allows the owner to reap the fruits of their labor, literally. The Malaysian government has financial aids to help young Malaysians who plan on starting their own farming business. These aids extend beyond just the financial aspect and include tools and equipment, seeds, fertilizers, land and more.

Stage Performing and Acting

This field is very difficult to get into. One would have to spend a lot of time and effort to build their skills, body language, facial expressions, and more. If one gets really good at it, they can be famous and that means good pay from doing plays, advertisements, movies and more. Payment is usually by projects. Small projects don’t pay much, but big projects can pay millions. Did we miss any point, feel free to drop a comment in the box below.

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