3 Good Sleeping Positions For Your Comfort

 3 Good Sleeping Positions For Your Comfort

The way you sleep can affect your body and even your productivity and performance during the day. Some people wake up with body pains and the reason for this body pain isn’t far-fetched. Poor or bad sleeping position results to back pains and general body ache. I have curated a list of some of the best sleeping positions you can adopt.

Here are 3 good sleeping positions:

1. Fetal sleep position

Source: The Standard

This is one of the scientifically proven best sleeping positions. When you sleep in this position either during the day or at night, it will bring relief to you. When you sleep in this position with your knees tucked into the chest it has the potential to reduce the bending of your spine.  

2. Sleeping on your side

Source: Prevention

This style of sleeping or rather this sleeping position is popular and also it is probably the default sleeping position for many people. You can also place a pillow between your knees if you want to sleep in this position for more comfort.

3. Back sleeping position with support from your knee

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This sleeping position is also popular and sleeping with your back is even regarded as one of the best sleeping positions for a healthy back. When you are lying on your back it makes your head, neck and spine align.

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