4 Reasons Why An Open Relationship Question Your Commitment

 4 Reasons Why An Open Relationship Question Your Commitment

An open relationship might sound like fun and all that, but it’s still considered an avenue to cheat and I can put it to you that you have commitment issues, else why would full-blown adults results in using other people as an avenue to spice up their relationship.

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An open relationship is when couples either married or dating decide to be physically and sexually intimate with other people while still very committed in their main relationship.

While it’s said to have worked for some people or its still working for people, trust me it’s as bad as it sounds when telling someone or putting the theory to work.

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Here’s why an open relationship isn’t worth it no matter how much you put a positive color to it.

1. Commitment

There’s no commitment because you’ll be fooling yourselves if you think you and your partner are both committed. There’s no respect, if there was you’ll be enough for each other and won’t see the need for side attractions or to sexually explore.

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There’s no loyalty and there’s an extent to which you both can have honest and open conversations because in most cases you’ll have to put your love and resentments under wrap.

2. Jealousy

Every relationship is filled with feelings and its human nature to be envious of another person’s advantages, you start to judge and question your ability.

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You think you have everything under control until you become unduly suspicious or fearful of being displaced by a rival

You both may have placed ground rules for your open relationship, which top on the list would be not getting serious or catching feelings for another person, but there’s no one way these things work especially if you and your partner has become a public commodity.

It’s just not possible to think of the other person or persons your partner is sharing a bed with without getting jealous.

3. Emotions

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With time your emotions start to be all over the place, you both start with the mindset that your emotions would be in check, you might think your relationship is real but here’s the thing, you’re both exploring singleness together and sitting down as friends to discuss what it’s like out there.

One partner may start developing more or different types of emotions than they anticipated. What if one person begins to experience intense emotion? There’s really no one way to keep a person’s emotions steady and in control.

In most cases, you start to compare your other partners with your main partner, this is emotionally drinking.

4. Risk

When I say risk, I’m talking unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, a stalker or even a psychopath.

The streets are not safe and you don’t even know who or what you’re inviting to your house or lives.

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When I hear open relationships I just think it’s a fancy name/title for people who are not contended with their spouse.

Bear in mind that no sleeping around can bring back the spark and it’s not a remedy for relationship problems.

Have you been in an open relationship? Did it work for you? What are your opinions about it and do you have any opinions contrary to mine? Kindly reply in the comment section.

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