5 Challenges Women Still Face In The Work Place

 5 Challenges Women Still Face In The Work Place

The idea that working women are now emancipated and empowered individuals who have finally been accepted into the corporate world and as such, they can have access to certain privileges.

Thanks to the people who are quick to point out how women have come so far from being just cowering housewives to occupying positions in the office.

Congratulations to these women.

But no thanks to the people who refuse to accept that women in the workplace are still treated like mere properties who have to deal with issues which they would normally face in a patriarchal household and have no business in the workplace in the 21st century.

Here are the 5 challenges working women still face;

Sexual Harassment

This issue is a tale as old as time. Women in workplaces are still dealing with all forms of sexual harassment apart from rape.

And the worst part is that these women are not even believed when they speak out because there was no physical assault. 

Staring at her boobs, looking at her butt, commenting on how hot she looks, asking her what else she can do with her mouth and telling her how she should be in a bedroom are all forms of sexual abuse. 

And they are as bad as rape.

Under Paid

Do I smell cheap labor? 

Women bust their fingernails and even work twice as hard as the boys in their offices and what do they get in return? Underpaid that’s what. 

These are mothers and single ladies that are taking care of themselves and other people. The least the company can do is pay them well.

Working ladies all over the world are still fighting to rectify this issue and it doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon.

Passed Over For Opportunities

A woman rarely gets the opportunities she deserves. 

She works hard to build herself from a new employee to a valuable asset in the company. 

Does everything to make herself promotion worthy and instead of getting what is due to her it is given to another man.

Simply because of the ludicrous idea that “men make better leaders”. 

As if that woman didn’t run an entire household and trained her children to become important people in society.

Give her respect!


Mansplaining a behavior so annoying and rampant that they had no other choice but to put it in the dictionary. 

That lady who is exceptionally good at her job just had to stand for close to 30 minutes listening to a rubbish explanation about how to do her job from a man who is not even adept at that field.

He undermined her by putting her expertise and capability on the stand simply because he doesn’t trust a woman to get the job done.

The man in question is not even a professional he is just a client who hired a professional. I am sure he mistook her for a member of his household he can just bark orders at.


Women’s physical appearance is judged more than that of the men and little or no importance is placed on her brains.

Even in this present age, ladies have to put up with people telling them to groom themselves so as to appear beautiful and appealing to clients and customers. 

Please, is she there for a movie or modeling audition? Or is she there to work? 

All those clients and customers are they there for business or did they come to look at fine girls?

Why does it always have to be about beauty? Why don’t you work up to your female colleague and compliment her on how incredibly smart, assertive and outspoken she is?

These women are really trying the least you could do is be kind and not make their situation worse.

Sir Ariez


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