5 Weird Sexual Cultures Around The World You Didn’t Know!

 5 Weird Sexual Cultures Around The World You Didn’t Know!

Some conservative cultures tiptoe around sex and sexual acts, having strict rules about which people are considered right to have sex.

In this same world that all of us are, there are real places that are not PG with sex and have weird sexual rituals that people and even animals can partake in.

We cannot make this up. We even have a list of 5 countries to prove it.

Drinking Penis Discharge 

People performing oral sex is not the strangest thing to happen since people found new ways to have sex.

But in Sambia tribe of Papua, New Guinea young boys who are to be initiated into manhood are made to drink a cup of containing the discharge of all the old men in the village. All of them!

They believe that boys need to be detached from their mother at an early age and that drinking this Juice signifies their entry into Manhood.

Sometimes they are also made to perform oral sex on the tribe elders up to 20 times a day.

Sleeping With Donkeys

In Cartegena Colombia, young boys opt for sleeping with Donkeys.

But why? Apparently being predominantly Catholic the town frowns on Pre-marital sex.

So the people found a loop-hole by using Donkeys to have their first sexual experience.

The locals believe that doing this will turn them into powerful lovers and make their Penis grow large.

Releasing Into The Nile

In Ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs believed that Atum god of rain created the river Nile with his Ejaculation.

So to receive a large amount of water for their people, the Pharaohs reacted Atum’s water making act by ejaculating into River Nile.

Having Sex 7 Times With A Random Stranger

Some of us have done this with more than 7 strangers, so it doesn’t sound entirely weird.

But in Pon, Indonesia, during celebrations people of any marital status hike the mountain known as Gunung Kemukus where they have to sleep with a random stranger.

The game requires them to find that same person and have sex with them 7 times.

Genital Worship

Before civilization, the Hawaiians regarded the genitals as the most sacred and Holy part of the body.

And saw them as great ornaments. They even carved them into Rocks as a symbol of fertility.

Some of these carvings are still found in Hawaii today.

As if that wasn’t enough the named their Genitals and would chant songs in their honor to celebrate the Mana or spiritual power that resided within it.

Which one shocked you the most? Tell us.

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