6 Campus Couple’s Types You Should Know

 6 Campus Couple’s Types You Should Know

Celebrity couple

This is a couple that involves the two most known students on campus. 

They might be both student leaders who are well known by the majority of students. They can also be models or artists in the university. This relationship is always clear to the whole student fraternity.

Goals couple

This is the point of reference when anyone on campus wants to have a relationship. The goals couple is always sweet together and they fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Their relationship only brings admiration from other students and if any cute couple is mentioned in school their names always come first.

Silent couple

This type of couple in campus hides everything they do. It comes off as a cult really and no one else knows about their relationship. They are never seen together in public and will always deny rumors linking them together. It takes the highest level of intelligence to notice they are actually dating.

Same course couple

Classes in Kenyan Universities always bring up a couple. It is always hard to maintain this type of relationship but they do exist in the long run. Although there is much onslaught from other students on dating a class mate, this kind of couple always puts up with everything including seeing each other for 24 hours.

Drama couple

This is the complete opposite of the Goals couple. There is always something to say about this couple. They match clothes sometimes, walk arm in arm and sometimes fight in public! This couple always causes uproar among the students but not in a likeable way but in a ‘I want to know what they did today’ way. They are a show off couple wanting to be known as dating among students when all they are attracting is attention.

Roommate couple

Some students move in with each other in their first few weeks in college or later. They grow into roommates and become a couple. Their default status ends in a relationship that they cannot hide from the students. They are seldom talked about because they always attract too little or no attention at all.

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