6 Tips To Improve Your Sexual Stamina

 6 Tips To Improve Your Sexual Stamina

Try ‘Edging’

Edging, also known as orgasm control, has been credited with boosting orgasms and libidos around the world.

It’s defined as the practice of taking yourself to the point of orgasm through masturbation, stopping just before you tip over the edge, letting things die back down and then building back up again.

Combine the increased blood flow and sensitivity with the psychological desire to want what you can’t have, and that makes for one hell of an orgasm.

Invest In Your Stamina

Male sex toys are incredible things. But did you know there’s one in particular that can help transform your sex life?

Fleshlight’s Stamina Training Unit has been specifically designed to help improve your sexual performance.

Do Your Kegels

It’s not just for girls. Kegels help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and are effective for men too. Over a long period of time they can help you have firmer erections and make you last longer. 

If you’re not sure where your pelvic floor muscles are, they’re super easy to locate. All you have to do is try to stop and start the flow of pee when you go to the bathroom – it might take some practice. Once you know where they are and feel comfortable with them, sit or lie down and squeeze your pelvic floor for about five to 10 seconds. Relax for five seconds, and repeat it 10 times.it.


Leading on from the kegel exercises above, there are a couple more “sexercises” you can do in the privacy of your own home to strengthen your manhood and last longer. You might want to make sure you’re alone for these, but trust me – they’re well worth your time.

Don’t Forget The Foreplay

Ah, fellas. We know you want to just jump straight to the main event, but slow down for a second. Start off slow and work your way up and you’ll last longer once you do get started.

Practice Makes Perfect

You’ll love this one. How do you get better at anything in life? You do it more often. Having great sex and longer-lasting sex isn’t just something that happens automatically – everyone remembers their first time – but having more of it not only helps to naturally build your stamina over time, but also helps to make you an expert. So get studying.

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