7 Reasons Being Single Is Cool

 7 Reasons Being Single Is Cool

Do you think that you would be lonely and sad being single?

That’s not true, it is normal for those who just came out of really long relationships to think that being single is going to be hard and miserable. 

You might think that you don’t want to go through the stress of being single again and starting the whole dating process over again. What if you don’t have to start that process over again? 

What if you can actually enjoy being single without going being sad? 

You may think this is impossible, that’s why once again the dating experts at scooper are here to prove you wrong.

Here 7 reasons why being single is okay. 

You Get Maximum Alone Time

Being alone is great, you can do anything you want without having to think what if my partner doesn’t like it. You can make any decision you want without thinking about how it might affect the other person because there is no other person. You can sit home with a book and a glass of wine on a Friday night and be 100 percent comfortable with that decision.

2. You Can Eat Whatever You Want

While most people were in relationships they had to watch what they eat just to remain in shape. Being single doesnt mean you can go from being sexy to being a slub, it just means now you can eat without worrying how your partner might look at you. If your boyfriend was vegetarian and you had to eat like him because of love you dont have to pretend anymore. Although it is good to enjoy yourself, remember to eat healthy and dont over eat. 

3. You Save More

No more birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day presents. You can now save all that money and you use it to get yourself something nice like shoes, a car or a plane ticket to Paris.

4. You Can Flirt Without Guilt

Gone is the guilt of harmlessly flirting with someone because you have a boyfriend. As a single person, you can flirt without an annoying voice nagging you at the back if your mind. Try it you might become a flirting master.

5.You Can Travel

If you love traveling but your partner had a fear of flights, this might hinder your passion for traveling. Now that you are free and single you can explore wherever you want. Be free my bird.

6. You Have Time To Work On Yourself

In a relationship, you become one body, no more individual mind. You are free now, you can do whatever you want. You can do something that makes you a better you.

You learn a new hobby or go for training that empowers you. Find yourself again

7. You Sleep Better

Remember those worrisome thoughts that go through your mind when you try to sleep? You used to worry about how he is feeling if you did something or said something wrong right? No more, being single means a good night sleep so you can wake up the next morning and slay. A free mind makes for a good sleep.

Being single can be really fun, so don’t sweat it when you are breaking up with somebody

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