8 Things That Can Ruin Your Relationship

 8 Things That Can Ruin Your Relationship

Some relationships break up over time due to irreconcilable differences. But other times, it is because of some things we did.

Yes, continuing that thing your partner warned is what might send you back into the dating pool, sooner than you expected.

If you love your partner and don’t want to break up with them then avoid these 8 things.

1. Taking Your Partner For Granted

Your partner is always around to make your life easier. They cook, clean, shop and even provide emotional support for you.

These are all good qualities in a partner and are necessary for a relationship.

But the problem with these things starts when you begin to disregard, disrespect or leave everything for them to do because they chose to do it in the first place.

Or try to turn them into a slave or servant.

2. NOT Talking

When you first started dating, you wouldn’t stop talking to and texting each other.

But now you don’t talk at home, text or even update your selves about your lives.

Once you stop talking, the conversations feel forced and more of a necessity. This is bad for business.

3. Refusal To Express Your Feelings

Remember when you let your partner know everything you are feeling? And they didn’t need to probe you to find up your feelings.

But now, you have darkened the mood in your relationship by not showing any emotive.

My dear, bottling up your emotions or hiding your true feelings from them, is pure torture. Because they will go crazy trying to figure out what they did to you and why you are angry.

4. You Have Stopped Listening

Once you dismiss what they tell you or don’t listen to anything they are saying, your partner will begin to feel small, irrelevant and insignificant.

They will stop talking around you and find someone else to share those problems with. 

5. Killing The Fun

Once you stop having fun conversations, playing games, going on trips and doing other fun activities, boredoms sets in.

They now see you as a killjoy who wants to dampen their spirit by choosing to be somber and not participate.

6.Nit Picking

Nobody likes a nag.

When you nitpick your partner, they will put up walls in between both of you and do anything to stay away from you.

Telling them what to do repeatedly even when they know, or showing them how they should have done it, can make you the most annoying person they have ever met.

And for their peace of mind, they will stay away from you.

7. Making Threats

Threatening to leave, hurt someone, themselves or you, or want to report them is bad in a relationship.

If you keep threatening them with leaving, one day they will let you go. 

8. Ignoring Your Partner

You only ignore and give cold shoulder to someone you hate.

If they feel like you are not giving them enough attention and care, they will go to someone else that can give it to them.

What else do you know that can ruin a relationship? Share your thoughts with us.

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