Activities To Avoid Doing Immediately After Eating

 Activities To Avoid Doing Immediately After Eating

Our activities after eating can in a way affect the body system. There are some mistakes majority of us commit after eating. This mistakes may have some consequences on our body system.

Digestion, however starts from the mouth, then the stomach and finally in the small intestine where the body takes the nutrients from the meal. This digestion tend to be affected due to the activities we engage in immediately after eating. Below are the 3 things you must avoid doing immediately after eating.

Avoid sleeping

Many people are of the habit of sleeping or lying down immediately after eating, this is definitely a bad idea. The thing is, the food needs some time to digest and the only way that can happen is being upright, this upright position aids the food for easy digestion and effective absorption of nutrients. Lying down may put you at risk of heart burn. This happens when the food content in the stomach travels back through the oesophagus towards the mouth, with the stomach acid traveling in the same direction too, resulting in burning sensation in the throat. 

Avoid taking shower

It is advisable to wait for about 30 minutes before taking your bath. This is because bathing  affects the digestion. It reduce the flow of blood in and around the stomach, diverting the flow to other parts of the body, thereby slowing down the digestive system.

Avoid eating fruits

It is better you eat fruits 1-2 hours before eating. This is because it is easier to digest unlike many other foods which take long time. Eating fruits immediately after meal will prevent proper digestion of fruit

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