Beauty: 5 Natural Hairstyles To Make You Look Gorgeous

 Beauty: 5 Natural Hairstyles To Make You Look Gorgeous

If you wear your natural hair, you will agree with us that you are always looking for new ways to style your hair. We have picked the best natural hairstyles you can recreate.

1. Teeny weeny afro (TWA)

TWA styles are short form of natural afro hairstyles. They are healthy, smart and easy to style. 

2. Double puff

This can be achieved by tying your afro hair into two puffs. This hairstyle can blow out the mind of people around you.

3. Bantu knots

Bantu knots are a real example of beauty and glamour. It consists of partitioned hair, rolled or twisted into small buns.

4. Side puff

Side puffs are perfect for ladies who love voluminous hair.

5. Cornrows

If you want a protective hairstyle that needs less maintenance and keeps your hair damage free, you can wear cornrows.

Natural hairstyles are gorgeous. We expect that you recreate these styles.

Which of them would you recreate? Share, like and comment below.

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