Diet Related Disorders That Can Affect Your Weight

 Diet Related Disorders That Can Affect Your Weight

Sometimes, what a person eats, is not the only thing that can make them add weight. Most of the time, it is actually their eating habits that affect their weight.

These eating habits aren’t common unhealthy ones like eating junk food or taking too much sugar. The eating habits referred to here, are those ones that are equally damaging to the body as it is to the mind.

There are 3 of them, which most already overweight and weight conscious people struggle with on a daily basis. 

They are:

1.Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia is an eating disorder where the person is overly conscious of their weight, so they refuse to eat.

They compulsively starve themselves and go through an aversive exercise to lose weight. Even when they are so thin that they look sickly.

Anorexics( what you call someone who has Anorexia) are obsessed with shedding weight that they don’t have.


Bulimics like Anorexics. They also want to lose weight by all means.

But what they do, is that the binge on food and then later force themselves to get rid of the food by either vomiting or using laxatives to purge.

People like this are sensitive to being tagged as “eating too much”, so they hide and eat a lot, then afterward they regurgitate it.

3.Binge Eating

Binge eaters are somewhat like Anorexics. They also eat a lot of food.

Though there is no specific type of Binge eater and anybody can suffer from this disorder too. 

But stress eaters or people eating to deal with emotional pain are usually at the risk of getting into Binging.

Engaging in any of these eating disorders is unhealthy and could lead to serious health complications. If you want to lose weight, there are healthier ways for you to do that with food.

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