Effects Of Alcohol On The Brain

 Effects Of Alcohol On The Brain

Everything one does should be done moderately and with caution. An alcoholic drink usually contains ethanol. People who consume alcohol regularly are at the risk of so many things, one of which is the effect it has on the brain. Let this article enlighten you about the effects alcohol has on the brain.

1. Blackouts

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The amount or increase in the quantity of alcohol one consumes is equivalent to the level of impairments in one’s memory. When alcohol is consumed rapidly and in large quantities, it could lead to a blackout. People who experience blackout often drink too much and too quickly.

2. Memory lapses 

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Memory lapses means not being able to remember some certain events or things. This is another side effect of alcohol on the brain. The person would not be able to recall or remember certain events during the time he/she consumed the alcohol.

3. Brain shrinkage

Source: UC San Francisco

This is an effect of alcohol on the brain. It results to brain damage and people who regularly consume alcohol have learning and memory problems as reported by scientists. Research has shown and proven that heavy consumption of alcohol can cause the brain to shrink.

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