Kenya Fashion Designer Shiyenze Khasoha Refute Claims That She Faked Cancer

 Kenya Fashion Designer Shiyenze Khasoha Refute Claims That She Faked Cancer

Fashion designer Shiyenze Khasoha has come out to refute claims that she faked cancer and conned Kenyans KSh 2 million as money for her treatment.

This came after a report by to people who claimed to be her caregivers come forward alleging that the popular fashion designer does not suffer from ovarian cancer as she had reported.

In 2018, the fashion designer launched an online campaign dabbed #VaaShiyenze with the aim of raising money for her treatment.

So moving was her story that it caught the attention of senior journalists and celebrities who rallied for Kenyans to support her.

Among several other people who came forward to support her included but not limited to BBC journalist Larry Madowo, Citizen Tv’s Jeff Koinange, Gilad Millo, Jalang’o, Shaffie Weru, Adele Onyango, Big Ted among many others.

Within no time, Kenyans of good will scratched through the pockets and donated the little they had. Others went a step further to donate sewing machines for her fashion design business.

Reportedly, she raised funds to a tune of KSh 2,000,000 which was sent directly to her M-Pesa and Standard Chartered Bank account, a figure which she has since disputed.

However, little known to Kenyans, the 25-year-old was on an extortion spree taking advantage of the fear and financial weight that comes with cancer, if the account of her caregivers is anything to go by.

One Philip Oketch and Joy Kakya, who were Shiyenze’s caregivers, came out publicly claiming that her account of events was not adding up.

In a confession video aired on Citizen Tv, Oketch confronted Shiyenze asking her if she had sought for medical attention in India and she declined saying she has never stepped in India for any form of treatment related to cancer.

Oketch and Kaya who have been friends with Shiyenze for long accused her of taking advantage of the generosity of Kenyans and putting them in a complicated situation.

The duo has since reported the matter at Parklands Police Station under OB (OB No 62 of 8/07/2019).

After the report was aired on Tv, in a press statement, the designer maintained she has been struggling with cancer since March 2018.

“In March 2018 after numerous tests I was diagnosed with Epithelial Carcinoma commonly known as ovarian cancer. For those who are close to me know I battled the news and the medical care required thereof privately and when funds became a challenge I approached the public for support,” she said.

She further said the recorded video was edited to suit interests of people who were out to spread falsehoods against her.

“As regards to the video clip shown on Citizen TV the same has been carefully edited to fit a narrative, it has been used to fit the context of the persons who are hell bent to sell their story,” she added.

“For now, I am advised to concentrate on my treatment. Which I will. God willing I will be able to clarify this whole circus once I conclude with the medical processes.”

She dismissed reports that the money which was raised was KSh 2 million and instead said the money raised was only KSh 600,000.

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