How Chidera Eggerue Is Changing Views About Saggy Boobs, Surgeries And Implantations

 How Chidera Eggerue Is Changing Views About Saggy Boobs, Surgeries And Implantations

Chidera popularly known slumflower, a 23 year old British Nigerian hit the media with a popular movement #saggyboobsmatter, a movement which is reaching almost all parts of the world. Below is an excerpt from her blog post, the “The slum flower”.

“First of all, women do not exist for the consumption of men. Biologically, our bodies are built for babies. Babies don’t care about how perky your boobs are; they just wanna be fed.

Impressing a man isn’t even a goal worth making. There is literally no wrong way to have a body as long as your body is functioning well enough to keep you alive”.

I mean, isn’t that just beautifully said? The movie industry and celebrity world is filling our minds with very dangerous ideas as to what our breast should look like. We too are falling for their trends, we want to look sexy, even at the expense of our own decency.

“The next time a man asks why your boobs are saggy, ask him why his balls are saggy.”

This draws my attention to the pygmy tribes of Africa. Despite the evolution in fashion, they are still buried in their culture. They are free from the choking standards put in place by society about physical appearances.

Chidera in her movement is fighting against surgeries and unnecessary implantations, as they all come at great cost. This is the same message Beyonce was passing across in her “Pretty hurts” record.

Men on their part have to open their eyes to the fact that not only women have imperfections? We all have certain insecurities we can’t deal with. This explains why some of us spend half of our lives in gyms, others on pills and all of those artificial things that help fill up the gap of the things we lack.


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