How Men & Women Can Properly Take Care Of Armpits

 How Men & Women Can Properly Take Care Of Armpits

Armpits may be the only body part we vigilantly groom with the fervent hope that they will never be noticed. Both Men and Women have different sensitivity to their pits, and because it is often hidden and closed up doesn’t mean the armpit isn’t an essential part of the body care someone should take seriously.

Armpits should get more care as the face or mouth does. Nobody wants to be smelly, nobody would also love the way people react to them if they smell awful revealing their armpits.

However, there are simple ways to give proper care to one’s armpits. Regardless of what kind of body sensitivity you have, even sweaty body bows to these few tips.

Post-gym, during a heatwave, wearing the new top that turned out to be a sweat generator – these are just some of the situations where smelly armpits might arise. But with our tips on how to deal with underarm odor, we’ll help keep your underarms fresh.

Underarm darkening occurs in men and women, but it’s far more common in women. Dark skin under the arms, neck and on the thighs has gradually become an embarrassing and depressing problem, especially for people with a fair complexion in Nigeria.

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Cause of Darkness and Dirt

1. One of the causes is the use of unsuitable deodorant that could cause irregular black armpit or skin problems.

2. You have sensitive skin.

3. Deodorant that not properly wash can be the source of bacterial reproduction that causes skin infections to change the original color of the skin.

4. Probably due to hormone or genetic changes especially during pregnancy.

5. Unsuitable shaving tools will cause broken skin and leave a scar.

6. The use of non-clean shaving tool is also one of the factors that promote bacterial and underlying underarms.

Treatment with Lime

As an initial step, you can try to treat it in the traditional way by using natural ingredients. You would have heard once or from a lot of people that the commonly used substance for the treatment of such problems is lime. Besides having the goodness of vitamin c, its acidic nature makes it a good choice.

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One of the methods is to try to mix five thin slices of lime, baking soda powder, and honey. Apply in the armpits. Leave it for a while before rinsing with clean water.

Another alternative is to cut a lime into two and then rub it out slowly in your armpits. You can do it before taking a shower.

Steps to prevent Dark armpit and Dirt

1. Make sure you do not overlook the lower part of the arm, neck, and thighs during a shower. This part is important too besides your face!

2. Provide a good ventilation system for the whole body. Wear loose clothing and cloth that can absorb sweat. This is helpful enough.

3. Use antibacterial powder. After showering rub it on these parts to reduce the sweat.

4. Make sure the shaver is always clean and does not rust.

5. Once in a while, scrub your body. It can help remove dead skin cells and even remove dirt from your skin.

6. Never spray perfume directly on the armpits. It can promote bacterial reproduction.

7. Watch what you eat. Some foods – especially spicy ones – can contribute to underarm odor because their scent can be carried in your sweat. Try cutting out things like garlic and red meat and see if there’s any improvement

8. Remember to refresh. This might be an obvious one, but make sure you remember to top up your deodorant before doing anything that’s going to get you working up a sweat, whether it’s hitting the gym or enduring the bus at rush hour

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So here it is, you do not have to follow these tips religiously but your body deserves way better. And to see a lasting solution, you have to at least try out some of the tips listed above. Don’t you want to smell nice every day?

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