How To Prevent Body Odour

 How To Prevent Body Odour

Body odour is an offensive smell that is created when we sweat. Though sweat itself is odourless but when sweat meets with bacteria on the skin surface, it produces an unpleasant smell called body odour.

The cause of body odour is linked to apocrine gland. This gland produces sweat that is high in protein which the skin bacteria breaks down easily, hence the smell. Most apocrine glands in the skin are found in the armpit and genital region, this is where most body odour comes from. Also, aside apocrine gland, there is another gland called eccrine gland, this gland is found in every part of the body. The gland produces an odorless sweat but this can as well develop into an unpleasant smell due to what we eat and drink.

So how can you get rid of or prevent body oduor?

Use deodorant or antiperspirant

Deodorant has the ability to mask the smell, it also makes the skin more acidic, hence making it difficult for bacteria to thrive. On the other hand, antiperspirant will reduce your sweating. It is better you apply antiperspirant at night before bedtime, allowing it to do its work through the night while you sleep.

Shaving your armpit

Frequent shaving of the underarm will make sweat to quickly evaporate, this will also allow the armpit to dry quickly, making it hard for bacteria to thrive.


It is advisable you bath twice daily, paying more attention to your armpit and the groin where sweat glands are more, thereby making it difficult for bacteria to grow.

Watch your diet

Garlic, onion, curry and some other spicy food can increase the risk of body odour. It is better you go easy on these spices.

Wear Breathable Clothes

Natural fabrics like wool, silk and cotton are your best bet. These breathable fabrics allow air flow through them, keeping your body temperature low, hence reduces the sweat and even if you sweat, it is easily evaporated.

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