10 Ways To Stay Healthy During This Harmattan Season

 10 Ways To Stay Healthy During This Harmattan Season

There are lots of good and bad set ups that comes with the harmattan season. During this season, its a good bye to the pesky rains, its enough sunlight to dry our clothes, its also reduction in mosquito invasion.

But with the good side come the bad sides. These are the list of things you can do to manage a bad side of the harmattan season

  1. Increase liquid intake

Its common to become increasingly dehydrated during this time so its advisable to increase your liquid intake. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated especially if you stay outdoor for long during the day

2. Prevent cracked lips and soles

cracked lips and irritable soles another situation that comes with harmattan. Applying balm to the lip and vaseline to the sole of the feet should prevent the nastiness of the situation

3. Vitamin C to prevent flu

someone of us are prone to catching flu at the slightest. The harmattan season comes with a bigger chance of contracting flu due to the dust and easy spread of pollens. A steady dose of vitamin c should effectively control this.

4. Avoid messing with fire

During the dry harmattan season, the weather is quite fire sensitive. its advisable not to go around burning bushes or messing with fire wherever unnecessary. Stay clear of fire in the house and at work. Do not let children go near gas cookers or anything related to such.

5. Dress for the season

Extreme cold are normal during harmattan, the counter measure is to wear multiple layers of dress to prevent the cold

6. Eye care

Due to incessant dust, its advisable to Rinse your eyes with clean water always
and reduce the exposure to the dust
by wearing protective spectacles.

7. Keep your skin and hair moisturized at all time

Apply hair creams and cover up your hair when needed. You also have to keep skin moisturized at all time to avoid looking like a white walker. Don’t wear an irritating deodanrant and avoid creams and lotions that makes you sweat too much.

Asthmatic or any kind Sick patient should give themselves extra care during this season by visiting their doctors more often and regularly obeying their medications.

8. Food care

Food preservation should be given extra care during harmattan. The dusty atmosphere carries with it bacteria that could perch on food. wash your vegetable thoroughly and keep your food stored up in healthy corners.

9. Harmattan haze

The harmattan haze is the thick cloudy substance that appears in the morning during harmattan. It usually prevent people from seeing what’s ahead of them. This is dangerous for all motorist, hence extra care should be taken. The indicator light should be on at all time to prevent any form of collision with incoming vehicles.

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