Ladies: 6 Facts About Your Vagina You Didn’t Know About

 Ladies: 6 Facts About Your Vagina You Didn’t Know About

There is a lot of misinformation about the vagina and the vulva. Chief among them is how most people call the vulva a vagina.

In fact, a large number of persons don’t know anything about female anatomy.

 Ladies, if you don’t know anything about your own vagina, how can you take care of it? Or be proud of it?  

Don’t you think it will be better if you stopped censoring the questions you have about your vag and start learning about it? 

For starters, here are 6 mind-blowing facts.

1. The Vagina And The Vulva Are Two Different Things

Since the vagina is where a penis goes during intercourse, people typically refer to the whole of the female genitals as the vagina.

But, where the Penis goes in is not called the vagina. The vagina refers exclusively to the inner canal that reaches up to the cervix.

Then the clitoris, labia, mons pubis, and the rest of the outer portion of the female genitals, is called the vulva. 

2. The Clitoris Has About 8,000 Nerve Endings

Many experts say that the clitoris has more nerve endings than any other part of the human body. While the clitoris extends inside the body, the majority of the nerve endings are clustered in the glans clitoris, that is the part you can see on the outside of the vulva.

When aroused, the clitoris expands to nearly 200 percent its normal size. The labia can also flush to a dark pink or red.

3. The Vagina Is Self- Cleaning

The vagina is a totally self-cleaning organ. It expels toxins and bacteria all on its own. You should never wash it with soap, especially not antibacterial soap. That is a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis waiting to happen if you do this.

Simply rinse the inner part of the vulva with warm water. Do not mess with the vagina or vulva. If you wash it, it will throw off the natural ecosystem and you’ll wind up with a foul odor due to infection.

4. Not Everyone Woman’s Vagina Can Squirt Fluid

Every woman has the Skene’s Glands. This gland is located near the urethral sponge (the area where the G-spot is located).

When stimulated, the Skene’s Glands can expel a prostate-like alkaline fluid. Some women squirt during this kind of stimulation, but many don’t. 

5. There Is No Such Thing As A Loose Vagina

Guys, take note.

Nothing is going to make a vagina “looser.” No amount of sex, sexual partners, or sex toys is ever going to cause stretching. 

This is a huge lie we’ve been fed to make us “chaste.” It is a perfect example of the purity myth.

The vagina is a muscle. It can stretch to accommodate a baby’s head and return to its normal size. The only thing that makes a vagina looser is gravity and time. Just like every other muscle in the body.

6. All Vulvaes Are Not Equal

All vulvas are different. They come in different shapes sizes and colors. 

Some labia are the same length, and many women have one lip that is longer the other. 

No vulva is better than any other. They are unique, just like you!

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