Looking Chic At Work In Curvy Girl Styles

 Looking Chic At Work In Curvy Girl Styles

Curvy women don’t dress according to their body. This may stem from the fact that they have been body shamed in the past and they end up trying to hide their curves. However, this is 2019 and every curvy woman should embrace every curve of hers.

Kristine of TrendyCurvy is one curvy woman that would make skinny models which they had her kind of body. This is because is confident, knows her body and dresses up in outfits that suit her and rocks it like a boss chic! If you are looking for inspiration, let Kristine’s look guide you this week.

Start the week in this colourful ensemble

Go monochrome with a pop of colour

Say yes to florals!

Fit, flare and more florals!

Stripes that follows your body’s curves are perfect!

How are you dressing up your curves?

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