Rwanda President Paul Kagame’s Daughter, Ange Wedding Photos And Video

 Rwanda President Paul Kagame’s Daughter, Ange  Wedding Photos And Video

The gorgeous Ange Ingabire Kagame has since been on the lips of many Rwandeses and other people who could not withhold their joy on the union. Paul Kagame’s daughter is ranked as one of the most beautiful president’s daughters in Africa. Her status has placed her husband on the list of the lucky men who have married to the royals.

Who is Paul Kagame’s first daughter?

Ange Kagame is the second child and only daughter of Paul Kagame, current president of Rwanda. The lovely lady oozes of class and elegance. She was born on September 8th, 1993, in Brussels, Belgium. The 25-year-old also has the tag “smart” accompanying her profile. This is because she holds a Master’s Degree in International and Public Affairs from the Columbia University’s School of International Public Affairs (SIPA). Ange is also a social activist who has been involved in women empowerment movements, mass vaccination campaigns and eradication of poverty projects. She introduced her then-fiancé to her family in December last year. The introduction led to the beginning of many events that climaxed on July 6th 2019 with a glamorous private wedding.

Ange Kagame’s wedding

The wedding between the Rwandese beauty and her groom was a private event which was held at the Kigali Convention Centre (KCC) and the Randison Blu hotel. The wedding happened after their civil wedding which was held on June 8th 2019 at the Kigali City Council Offices.

The wedding was ranked as one of the highly elegant and prestigious weddings in Rwanda which was attended by esteemed delegates. The décor, on the other hand, formed the icing of the whole event not forgetting the wedding dress that brought out the fantastic height and beauty of Paul Kagame’s daughter.

Though only the chosen few had the opportunity of getting the first-hand experience of the whole event, Ange Kagame was generous enough to share some of the day’s special moment via her wedding pictures posts on social media. Ange Kagame’s wedding photos were also tagged with beautiful, emotional captions which could not have expressed her joy any better.

Who is Ange Kagame’s husband?

Bertrand Ndengeyingoma is a handsome man from Rwanda who was lucky enough to marry the first daughter. Mr Ndengeyingoma also holds a degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in civil engineering. The young man is also at the neck of getting his PhD at the London School of Economics. He is also well known as an exemplary urban planner who has made his name across the globe.

Ange Kagame’s wedding photos and videos

The beautiful couple walks together after saying their vows and officially changing their status.

His excellency President Paul Kagame walks his only daughter down the aisle. Ange could not help but share her excitement.

Ange openly acknowledges her enthusiasm on spending the rest of her life with her husband.

The beautiful bride smiles as she walks towards her forevermore. Ange describes it as Euphoria.

Ange and her siblings capture the moment she finally transitions to being a wife

A glimpse of the gorgeous bride and her amazing long white gown along with her husband and bridal party.

Paul Kagame’s princess and her husband are two peas in a pod who found happiness in each other. This is evident from their smiles on the wedding photos flaunted on social media. Ange Kagame’s marriage is still a significant headline among the Rwanda residents and the world as a whole.

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