Poem: Women Are Beautiful, To Celebrate Motherhood

 Poem: Women Are Beautiful, To Celebrate Motherhood

Poem to celebrate mothers and all the sacrifices of motherhood.

Every stretch mark

is a special line of poetry

Written with ink so rich & dark

Dazzling with coruscating mystery.

Mothers are galaxy of stars

Studded in the sky of every home

Our body & soul twinkle with scars

that adorn the walls of our bodily dome.

Domes that homes every  living soul

Ever to walk from yonder to mortality

Our lips are balms that makes whole

On our neck are garlands of hospitality.

Don’t you, oh man, love me any less

as my body wears this noble badges

from Life, for giving her, with selfless 

& sacrificial devotion; stamped for ages.

Don’t you, oh man, let your love wane 

in strength and fervency. Stand in awe

of our well painted Universe; The pain

tasted to sculpt a being from clay so raw. 

The scars

of motherhood

Are the stars

of fatherhood.

The pain

of a mother

is the gain

of a father.

No scars,

no stars.

No pain,

no gain. 

Mothers turn boys into men

And make men fulfilled fathers.

We turn parents to grandparents

Binding two different homes in one.

Our stretch marks are the poetry 

That tell without words, our story.

On the pages of our world’s ace

& the twin scarred luscious pillars

Holding our baby’s Universe in place

Are engraved an embroidery of scars; 

The unmistakable scars of motherhood.

Written by Alfred


Images: From FB Page; Women Are Beautiful.


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