Side-Chick Commits Suicide After Her Married Lover Jilted Her

 Side-Chick Commits Suicide After Her Married Lover Jilted Her

A 25 year old woman has commited suicide after her married lover, Andrew Hardman jilted her

Miss Henthorn, who is from Manchester, UK, had started dating the married man in January 2019 after they met during the planning of weddings and christenings in October 2018.

The lovers were even looking for accommodation, where they would stay together during their relationship. However, when Mr Hardman confessed to his wife about having a mistress, the couple agreed to save their marriage.

Hardman then ended his five-month affair with Henthorn.

Henthorn didn’t take the breakup very well. It was revealed that she told Hardman during a conversation, “If I can’t live with you, I can’t live without you” and even asked if she and his wife could “share him.”

On May 7, Henthorn was found dead in bed by her father after she gassed herself.

Inquiries revealed she had watched a video of how to take her own life and had left several suicide notes for her family.

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