Signs You Are Eating More Sugar Than Expected

 Signs You Are Eating More Sugar Than Expected

Sugar is obviously sweet, but unfortunately, it is really bad for the health. Sugar is regarded as empty calorie because it contains no useful nutrient. Sugar has so many side effects ranging from weight gain to raising the blood sugar level, risk of diabetes and so on.

So to confirm if you are eating too much sugar, here are some signs your body is showing you so as to cut down sugar consumption.

Constant craving for sugar

Eating sugary foods can be addictive, making you crave for more, and the more you eat, the more you crave for it. Consumption of sugar tends to activate the release of a hormone called dopamine in the brain which is similar to addictive drugs. This hormone makes you crave for more sugar.

Low energy

Excess consumption of sugar can cause the blood to rise, and the pancreas releases insulin to distribute glucose ( which is essential for production of energy in the body) to the cells, thereby increasing your energy. But once the energy is used up( tiredness, sluggishness), your body starts demanding for more sugar, causing rise and fall of the blood sugar.

Foggy brain

Excess sugar consumption is capable of causing a fog in your brain. This is as a result of constant rise and fall in the blood sugar. This tends to affect your cognition, resulting in lack of concentration or alertness. 

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