Simple Marriage Tutorials That Works Like Magic

 Simple Marriage Tutorials That Works Like Magic

When newlyweds get married they get exited of the marriage idea. Many are times they think its all about taking care of your husband and children and you are done, but that is not the case. There are a lot of responsibilities in a marriage beyond your husband and children.

1.  Respect

As a wife you ought to respect your husband, and not only him but your in-laws. Remember that you are married as a daughter to them and respecting them is paramount. I know many are times in laws can be annoying, especially the mother in law but no matter how annoying they are just respect them.

2.Providing for your family

This goes for all of you, but most importantly the husband. And remember the responsibility of providing for the family does not only mean your wife and children but also your in laws. This just means that paying dowry is not the end of the deal. You must continue with the up keep.

3.Praying For Your Family

Hello mum this is for you. Remember a family that prays together stays together. There are few men who are close to God and pray for the family and if your hubby is one of them then you are lucky. If not then it is your responsibility to pray for them and even draw your husband closer to God.

4.Love Your Husband

This is very obvious you should not be reminded to love your husband no matter what his flows may be. Sometimes he just needs your love to keep him going. Love also means being committed to a mutually fulfilling sexual relationship. There is a whole lot more to love than sex. Therefore, we must look at love from their perspective, not just our own.

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