Spice Up Your Long-Distance Relationship In 4 Amazing Ways

 Spice Up Your Long-Distance Relationship In 4 Amazing Ways

You will agree that one of the key ingredients of a healthy relationship is communication. Sometimes, proximity and closeness/constant contact are highly important when it comes to communication. Imagine saying something totally playful but being misunderstood because your physical gesture can’t be seen.

This is one of the problems with long-distance relationships. While some people do well in them, others are not quite lucky. The real question is how can one maintain and spice up his or her long-distance relationship.

There are many ways to keep the fire burning even from a distance. Technology has made it even a little easier with video calls, phone calls and more, sometimes all that is needed is a little commitment and financial obligation.

Here are 4 ways to keep a long-distance relationship not too far away.

1.      Get a CUG line

One key thing in communication is two people talking to each other and doing that over the phone can be quite expensive. Many people tend to get discouraged when they think of the extra cost incurred for this. Getting a CUG (Closed User Group) phone line can be helpful here.

A CUG line is a SIM card/line that offers registered numbers within that line to make phone calls at a cheap rate for a monthly subscription fee. This line can help you talk with the one you love for a longer time than normal.

2.      Use Video Call Apps

Most times, we get bored with communication when we can’t see the people we are talking with and this is why you sometimes need a video call platform. This helps you to remember the look of the other party and even see some gestures s/he makes when talking or laughing and so on.

3.      Plan Trips

There are times when technology won’t just do it. Video calls, long calls, none will just cut it for you too. This is a good time to plan trips for both parties. One of you two can travel to where the other is or both travel to a tourism destination for a short time together and so on.

This is also a good time to get to know each other’s preferences better.

4.      Be Understanding

Last but by no means least, be understanding! Yes, one can call, do videos, plan trips but without the both parties understanding each other and reaching a compromise when needed, all efforts will be futile and frustrating.

The both parties must realize that it is not every time both will be available for contact or each person will be around to talk.

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is a lot of work and keeping it aflame is even more work, saying otherwise might be denial. However, most times if they pass the test they can be the strongest. So get to know what should be done and give it all it takes.

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