Toke Makinwa Stunning Spot-On Pictures

 Toke Makinwa Stunning Spot-On Pictures

Toke Makinwa is a fashion goddess and we choose to worship at her shrine on this glorious day.

Tokstarr as she calls herself is a best selling Author, Actor, Multi-media Personality, Radio,TV, Youtube, and Entrepreneur. 

Baby girl for life is an hashtag she probably should trademark as she not only says it, she lives it!

Try not to drool as we unveil just a lirru of her awesomeness.

Her last birthday picture that was intended to break the internet. It didnt quite break it though, just a few cracks.

Looking all sexy. kuku kill us.

The real baby gyal. Call the firefighters!!!!

How she Zanku’ed her way into our hearts…Kai, God when?

Our well sculpted ass! Toke plis dear, who is your daddy?

Pepper us Toke, we are your suya.

Sir Ariez

Waheed Ade Akinleye known as "Sir Ariez" is a blogger/CEO at & Affiliates. He's also a content writer, digital marketer and serial entrepreneur.

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