Top 8 Trendiest Male Cross Dresser And Transgender In Nigeria

 Top 8 Trendiest Male Cross Dresser And Transgender In Nigeria

Being a transgender is believe to be independent of sexual orientation in most part of the world. Transgender people can identify as straight, gay, or asexual.

But in a country like Nigeria where transgender are strictly frowned upon and generally termed as homosexuals, it’d take extra courage to publicly identify as one.

These are the top 8 people that emerge to publicly slay as a transgender.

  1. Miss Sahara

Real name is Oche Clifford. This guy happens to be the first Nigeria trans man. Born male, she stated how joyous she was after the successful procedure that transformed him into her. She set the pace for the up and coming male barbies.

2. Dapo Adaralegbe

A former student of OAU ile ife, now known as Stephanie Rose had a surgical transformation which was also magical transforming him from a dark skin male to light skin female within a span and spiced up with nice curves most females can only dream of.

3. Hassan Ajeboh

Hassan is a cross dresser known mostly for his erotic twerks on Instagram which most would agree is almost on par with popular female twerkers out there. He is a makeover artist and a die hard fan of Janemena

4. James Brown

The cross dresser who shot into limelight after he was caught attending a gay initiation party by Nigeria police sometimes ago claimed there was actually “no caught” later turning a sour situation into a platform to showcasing his talents and letting the world know more about who he truly is.

5. Buchie Okeke

A transgender who goes by the name buchi cutie is a popular cross dresser on instagram. what stood him out is his beauty either as a male or female

6. JP blush

Real name is Johntel Peters. JP blush a model who works for popular socialite Toyin lawani is an outspoken cross dresser who isn’t in anyway apologetic of his lifestyle. self confessed drag queen and male barbie who apparently do not take ‘shit’ as evident in his recent spat with another male barbie. he is an actor, a brand influencer and music promoter.

7. Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky

She’s called Bob and he’s quite risky. This male barbie is the trendiest and richest cross dresser in Nigeria. After being caught in an awkward cross dressing situation years back, bobrisky took the shame like a boss, made a peppersoup out of the pepper thrown at him to emerged as the most talked about transgender barbie in the nation. So powerful that the government feel threatened by his obvious influence on the citizens and at different time order his arrest.

Bobrisky always come back to shame his supposed haters and throw at their face how filthily rich he is.

8. Jay boogie Anthony

This 21 year old beautiful cross dresser tops our list of trendiest male crossdresser in Nigeria.

Jay boogie has caught so many attention after his face surfaced online. The port Harcourt based transgender is stealing the spotlight from the likes of bobrisky with his superior dance steps and pretty face.

Jay boogie has an uncanny resemblance to a woman. He’s had men confused of what his true gender is.

According to recent throwback picture he posted, it is obvious that her love for cross dressing started a little earlier when he was just a kid.

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