Why Men Should Consider Using Contraceptives

 Why Men Should Consider Using Contraceptives

For a long time, the burden of birth controls and use of contraceptives have been left for women. But now, it is time for men to think about taking contraceptives. I mean its high time men step up and start using contraceptives.

I am sure many of you have heard of the many side effects contraceptives have in women like the weight gain and loss, bleeding, hormonal changes among others.

To be fair, this responsibility of the use of contraceptive have been solely left to women. Women currently bear most of the financial and health-related burdens of contraception. On the whole, female methods tend to be more expensive than male methods because most require at least one physician visit, and some involve a renewable prescription. Currently many insurance plans do not cover contraception and, of the few that mandate insurance plans to cover contraception, 20% of them have opt-out clauses for religious or ethical reasons.

While not being responsible for some or all of these burdens is a significant boon for men, at the same time, men’s reproductive autonomy is inhibited by the dearth of male contraceptives. Given the condom’s high failure rate of 16 percent during typical use, men who want to maintain the possibility of having biological children are not able to regulate their reproduction as effectively as women are.

The lack of effective and reversible options for men forces many men to rely on their partners for contraception. Men have to trust that their partners are correctly and consistently using contraception. Regardless of the circumstances under which pregnancies occur, men are still held socially and financially responsible for any children they father. But with the introduction of male birth control pills is high time they lift the burden from women and participate in birth control measures.

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