Why You Should Keep Your Marriage Private

 Why You Should Keep Your Marriage Private

Getting married is one thing, sustaining the marriage is another. In times past, people were very quick to let others into issues affecting their families, especially when it involved one of the spouses.

While this, in some cases, has its benefits, one of which includes seeing things from another party’s perspective. However, we have seen that many times when extra people were brought into family affairs, things did not go in the best direction.

This has made a lot of people re-consider involving third parties in relationship issues, why not? Given that not everyone actually is happy that you are happy. Therefore, these are 5 reasons why you should keep your marriage private.

1.      You Are Vulnerable To Negative Opinions

Many times when we vent and go about expressing our anger and displeasure about our spouse, we would agree that we often talk mostly about the partner’s faults and not ours. Also, most times we usually relay these complaints to people close to us, our “squad” maybe or a family member we are close to.

It is more likely for that family member of yours to take you side, and GOD help you, s/he dislikes your spouse. This will be the perfect opportunity to “badmouth” your spouse. Hence, you are usually more open to negative opinions when you go outside of your marriage to resolve issues.

2.      Everyone Is Not Happy For You

The bitter truth is, not everyone wants to see you move forward, and certainly not happy. Sad, yes but true. This is why you should be careful about expressing your complaints to third parties.

3.      It Can Displease Your Spouse

Many times when we share our spouse’s “problem” with others, it can be displeasing to your spouse and even embarrassing. It can damage their image in front of others and while you and your spouse have moved on about the issue, the third party may not and it can affect their relationship with your partner.

4.      You Tend To Put Too Much Pressure On Your Relationship

This is particularly true when you are an “instagram couple”. Any little thing you do, you are quick to post online or any trip you go…before we know it, it’s on the gram. This has a way of putting a lot of pressure on your relationship.

While this is not always true but in many cases, if not most, it is. The reason for this is that you tend to get all the nice comments about how “perfect” you both are and you keep expecting that so anytime you don’t get that exact feeling, it becomes an issue. Therefore, you may be quick to let go or give up on your marriage.

5.      Why Should You Not Keep It Private?

Honestly, keeping your marriage a private affair saves you a whole lot of headache…so why should you not? While you may not keep it a secret but really, you should keep your marriage, your home private!

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