Caution: New Drugs Youth Are Using To Get High At Parties

 Caution: New Drugs Youth Are Using To Get High At Parties

The lights are low, candles are flickering, the music is low and smooth. About 30 young people are lounging about, some dreamy, some giggling and loquacious, some wandering off into bedrooms.

This is an invitation-only house party in a leafy suburb where drugs are freely available, like rainbow-coloured candy worth hundreds of thousands of shillings.

It started at the poolside and then moved indoors where it got serious.

The same is true in select nightclubs with slow music and mellow jazz.

Young people of little means use alcohol, bhang, heroin, codeine cough syrup and glue, some DIY.

But there are classier ways to get high.

And many parents and guardians are oblivious.

There’s something for everyone: rich kids, middle-class kids and poor kids — and ‘grown-ups’ too.

Drug abuse has reached a terrifying level. Exotic drugs and new substances concocted from legal over-the-counter medication are finding their way into parties and social gatherings.

While alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and heroin come to mind, young people are now consuming  ‘designer drugs’. These are psychoactive narcotics created from synthetic chemicals that mirror the effects of other drugs. They are usually imported.

Some other drugs can be made from readily available medicine at any pharmacy.

Methamphetamines, for example, can be concocted from decongestant medication, and codeine, which is added to suppress coughs. It’s often mixed with alcohol. Codeine officially requires a  prescription, but can still be bought from some chemists.

Other drugs include diazapam (Valium), a muscle-relaxant and even bath salts, which are banned.

Many youths especially those aged between 18 and 35 years are using party drugs which  I witnessed at several parties in high-end suburbs and high-end clubs.

I infiltrated a party network, posing as a reveller. Young people consume designer drugs with names like Molly, Ecstasy Flakka, Shrum.

I joined a table and as midnight approached, pink and green pills were broken into small pieces and passed around.

“This is Molly. You should try it,” someone said. “Or do you want to taste pure ecstasy instead?”

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